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3 phases: design, engineering, project management

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Architecture for developers & investors

A lot of our clients are investors – and we’ve been developers ourselves in Spain and Brazil – so we pride ourselves on designing homes that are easy to sell and that can be built profitably!

If you’re an investor, developer, or land owner, get in touch so we can explore how we can become partners. (Yes, we can work on a profit share basis too.)

Architecture for architects

Our specialization allows us to be fast and cost efficient alternative if you have a client for modern villas. Let us do the initial design, rendering, videos etc. while you handle the client and do the project management.

Architecture for real estate agents

If you have a beautiful plot listing, why not sell a villa? In a lot of locations, we’re able to provide you with a design ├índ turnkey cost for an amazing villa. That helps selling the plot

If you have enough clients for luxury villas, we could actually help you become a virtual developer, where we do all the work in the background while you handle the client.

Architects for modern villas

We’re always looking for two kinds of architects:

  • local architects with a knack for modern luxury villas, who could become our local partners and architects of record
  • location independent architects/designers with excellent skills in BIM or 3D rendering and of course: boatloads of talents! Whether you’re in Kyev or Wanaka: if you’ve got talent we’ve got the clients and some of the most amazing projects to work on!

Agents for modern villas

If you have a portfolio of modern villas – or building plots – in a top location, we’d be happy to share your listings and give you global exposure and credibility.