UNtiny house by Modern Villas

60m2 for €60k, anywhere in the world?

Modern Villas are known for their world class architecture… but not everyone can afford their designs. Or can you?

As said by founder Philippe De Smedt: “We are fortunate to be able and design some of the world’s most amazing super houses… but at the same time we are aware that for vast numbers of people, quality housing has become un-affordable. Worldwide, people try to solve this by building “tiny” houses – but we believe these have too many drawbacks to be a “real” solution for most people. Plus we were always shocked to see how people paid pretty high sums – like $100k for a 15m2 house – to end up living in a miniscule house that limits your quality of life.”

That’s why Modern Villas set out to design the “perfect” bungalow. The objective was to offer everything a “normal” house would offer: a full size living room, with space to receive 6/8 friends; a full size kitchen, with a dining table that sits 6 (comfortably!), a beautiful bathroom with double washbasin and enough space, a comfortable bedroom with a huge closet – and even a little home office.

It took one year and hundreds of designs to come up with the perfect solution: the UNtiny house.

Check out the video above to see how the UNtiny house delivers!!

Why (most) houses are so expensive.

Modern housing has become expensive to build because of the dozens of specialist tradesmen, that have to travel to the build site and work in difficult build site conditions.

Every phase of the construction – foundation, structure, electricity, plumbing, heating, cooling, sewerage, insulation, roofing, home automation, waterproofing… requires different and expensive specialists who have to work in difficult site conditions, moving tools from and to their trucks, moving and working with materials stored on a dirty build site, improvising solutions as every house is a one off…

Says co-founder Lucineia de Castro: “If you think things through, you realise that most of the complications of building a house are directly linked to the kitchen and bathrooms. That’s where it all comes together; it’s a small part of the house that concentrates 80% of installations. This is where you have to work with heat, humidity, smells, water, high power electricity, ventilation, etc.”

The rest of the house – living areas, bedrooms, consist mostly of simple walls and floors without much needs for installations. You may need an outlet or two for a bit of lighting, but that’s it. With modern technology, even light switches are wireless, so no cabling is needed at all.

So the UNtiny house decided to concentrate all these services in the “UNtiny block”: one compact container that contains the kitchen ánd bathroom with all installations you need.

“It’s plug and play: you just plunk an UNtiny block on a floor slab; add a few simple walls (or even a tent!) and voilà: you have a perfectly comfortable UNtiny house!”

The UN-tiny house is great for builders… or self builders

As the UNtiny block takes all the more complicated work out of the equation, building an UNtiny house is extremely simple.

The UNtiny house can be built with any building method – even a tent will do – but the design was customised to deliver extra value for money with two ultra modern building technologies: SIPs panels and CLT mass timber.

Both technologies make it possible to erect the UNtiny house with just a few friends (armed with little more than an electrical drill) and in just a few days. On top of that, both deliver an exceptionally insulated house that, without any additional effort, offers near net-zero energy efficiency.

Being dry and clean materials, the houses are ready to finish – or even move into – as soon as the shell is erected.

The above makes it easy for self builders – ás well as builders – to build the UNtiny house.

The UNtiny house comes as a “pack” with all materials needed and detailed, “IKEA style” manuals as well as Youtube videos that show you exactly how to build each part of the house.

Versatile floor plans design

Around the UNtiny block, dozens of different floor plans have been carefully thought out with so many options. You can easily add space, more rooms

To really work well, the minimum size is about 60m2 (650sq.ft.); however, adding móre space is pretty cheap as the extra space will only require some more simple walls and floors, without any need for complicated installations. So to make the house

Doubling the floor size?

The UNtiny house has a minimum size of 60m2 on the ground floor… but it comes with a staircase that allows you to double the floor size by using the upper floor area. Extra bedrooms, a playroom or an office? It’s all there!

For Commercial development

The UNtiny house is also a great solution for developers, hoteliers or AirBnB investors. Multiple levels of units can be grouped/stacked in different ways to create projects of 2, 4, 8, 16 or more “apartments”. UNtiny has already prepared some designs that a

The speed of construction of course also means that your return on investment is much, much higher as your money can rotate much, much faster. That’s more profit, ánd more safety for the investor!

Call for interest

UNtiny house plans to be ready to ship the first units by the end of 2019. Please contact us if you have any interest, however undefined at this point. Whether you are a potential buyer, investor, builder, or supplier: contact us today so we can get the information flow going!!

Untiny House Website

Please check out the untinyhouse.com website for more details!