The Grand Tiny House

Modern Villas designed the Grand Tiny house: an affordable 60m2 (650 sq.ft.) house that can be easily built for €70-80k.

Bathroom, kitchen and all installations are built into two “BuildBoxx” containers – one at each end of the house. The Buildboxx also serves as part of the structure.

This makes the rest extremely easy to build or even self build.

A perfect solution for those who’d consider a tiny house but actually want more space… And of course great as a second home, for AirBnB and other hospitality investment.

The Grand Tiny House by Modern Villas

While it’s quite easy to self build the Grand Tiny house, Grand Tiny also partners up with local builders.

For those, the Grand Tiny makes it possible to offer clients a very nice house for an extremely competitive price… while making a good margin and avoiding a lot of the logistical nightmares of traditional construction.

Several layouts are available – including smaller and large ones. As the extra space is quite simple to build, costs stay very reasonable.

Thousands of hours went into creating layouts that are extremely easy to build; time an architect could normally never spend on a one-off.

the Grand Tiny House by Modern Villas

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