The Boomerang House: Belgians active in Marbella Club

The Boomerang House was designed by Modern Villas for a Belgian client, returning to Europe after many years as an expat in the US.

His plot in Marbella Club offers great views but also enormous challenges. Not only was it very steep (100%!), the difference in level between left and right side of the plot was nearly 15meters… and to complicate things, the plot boundary was curved.

In order to avoid the expense of enormous retaining walls, Modern Villas designed the “boomerang” house that hugs the natural shape of the mountain while focussing the views from the indoor and outdoor living areas perfectly on the beautiful sea view.

One of the 5 projects currently under way by Belgians in the Marbella Club… 4 of them clients of Modern Villas (and one almost was).

Two amazing plots and one turnkey project by renowned Belgian developers remain… Contact us for more info.

The Boomerang House by Modern Villas, in Marbella Club, now at ground floor level
View from the south end; the flying pool is suspended on the left

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