Spectacular Australian Home

The Sydney House

The luxury architects at Modern Villas designed this 300m2 house for a double plot north of Sydney.

The block sloped steeply from top to bottom – ànd on top of that, from left to right – so Modern Villas decided to create a house that follows the natural flow of the land, and gently cascades down the slopes down to the golf course.

The roof of the left wing – hosting the guest rooms and a home office – extends over the roof of the right wing, so the main living area enjoys an extra high ceiling.

The double roof also offers extra ventilation and natural daylight, so the owners can enjoy a seamless indoors-outdoors lifestyle. This is further emphasized by the large sliding windows both in front and back of the lounge area. Even when inside, one feels more like sitting outside, enjoying the shadow and the gentle breeze.

Of course, there’s ample space for outdoors living – a large pool with jacuzzi, outdoor showers, a cabana with barbecue and pizza oven… A fruit garden and garages for the cars, boat and golf buggies complete the picture of this family paradise.

Given the risk of bushfires in the area, the house was also designed to offer protection against bushfires, with fire proof roofs, and fine metal screens that prevents embers from setting the house ablaze.

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