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Modern Villas was created by Philippe De Smedt (Belgian) and Lu de Castro Costa (Brazilian) to design, build and sell the most beautiful villas around the world. Originally started in exclusive Marbella, with mostly Belgian and Dutch clients, Modern Villas grew into a world wide architecture powerhouse… more

Belgisch bouwenconstructeur Belgearquitetos brasileiros

We speak English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

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Design your villa

Want world class design for your house? We are the cost- and time-efficient alternative to prima donna starchitects.

We work in 3D from the start, so you really get to “see” and “feel” the house. So much better than floor plans, elevations, and sections (but you get those as well).

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Manage your project

We help you select, negotiate and supervise builders. We save you time and costs – and a lot of headache!

This is especially true for projects abroad. Spain? Caribbean? Brazil? Australia? Our cross border experience covers different business cultures, climates, building systems.

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Interior Design

We want to make sure the interiors of our houses are as unique as the exteriors; and in most cases, we design or source completely unique, custom built furniture so that literally every single part of your house is original. With teams in Europe, Brazil and Australia we cover the globe.

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For architects

We do initial designs complete with visualizations (renderings and video walk through) on a very cost efficient basis. See how much time and money you can save, outsourcing part of your work to our “architecture factory”!

Reversely – we are always looking for local partners worldwide that can perfectly deliver projects for our clients.

Super talented architects – anywhere in the world – join us and get the chance to design some of the most amazing homes in the world!

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Franchise for agents, developers & builders

Partner with us and you can use all our designs for your marketing. Start marketing turnkey villas without needing an expensive architecture team!

Affordable monthly contracts, and a fast turnkey design service help you close more projects!

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We’re #1 in Google for modern villas in almost every market. If you want to sell, there’s no going around us. (see more)

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As specialists in Modern Villas, we are very competitive in architectural 3D renderings, walk through videos and VR.

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We offer a very selective medium, reaching motivated luxury home buyers, builders, architects, and investors. Many are HNWI about to start buying or building a second home worth millions.

  • Our website has 1600-1700 unique visitors per day (CloudFlare). That’s totally organic – no paid search at all!
  • Our social media have thousands of authentic, high value followers. Our Pinterest account alone has more than 900.000 views per month.
  • Our email database has way over 10000 subscribers.

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