6 Suites in 260m2

The La Resina House

Can you fit 6 rooms / 4 bathrooms in a 260m2 house that’s only 18.5m wide? Modern Villas found a way!

Smart planning allowed the architects to create a double-height living room – with open plan kitchen – and place 4 rooms on the ground floor (left and right), plus two generous suites with walk in wardrobe on the first floor. Thus minimizing the circulation areas, every single space in the house is 100% enjoyable, mostly open space, rather than corridors, hallways etc.

On plots with a limited width like this, houses quickly tend to get blocky; and this was avoided by emphasizing the sleek horizontal lines of the terraces and the cantilevered roof. A filigrain screen allows the poolside façade to look homogeneous, hiding the different-sized windows of the master suite and kitchen. The steep plot required an entrance that would allow guests to descend to the monumental entrance door with feeling they entered into a ravine.

This was solved by landscaping, using different levels that gently lead one down, through a series of short stairs and bridges over water features. The master bathroom enjoys amazing seaviews via a glass wall – which can be closed off visually when more privacy is needed.

Modern Villas’ architects also custom designed furniture, like the beautiful wine display, the vanity, and the minimalist outdoor kitchen that discreetly hides sinks and BBQ under a single black grille.

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