Villas for a jet-set resort

The Oasis Villas

The architects of Modern Villas are designing a series of luxury villas and condo-hotels for U.S. luxury developers Oasis ( – for their high-end investment projects around the world.

The Oasis clubs are exotic retreats comprised of lushly landscaped grounds surrounding tropical lagoons. Each Oasis is located in convenient and prestigious neighborhoods of major cities, creating an idyllic refuge within an urban sprawl. An Oasis!

The Oasis luxury villas literally target the “jet set” – frequent users of private jets. Most buyers will probably use the villas only a few weeks per year – the rest of the year, the villas will be rented out by Oasis, and in exchange, the owner will get access to a number of private jet-hours in Oasis´ private jets. Use of a few other perks like private yachts near the resorts, is included as well!


So the architecture of the whole villa had to be designed with this in mind.

When used by the owner, it is a perfect 3-suite villa; when rented out, it offers three perfect suites, with separate entrances and terraces for each. An amazing roof waterscape for the imperial upper suite surrounds the suites and connects seamlessly to the views while providing privacy for the lower units.

Modern Villas´ luxury architects created a glamourous, Miami-style villa, exuberant but refined, and totaling around 265 sqm, with a bright, luxurious feel and spa-style bathrooms.

The pool is a little resort all by itself – and features several fun pods like jacuzzis, kid´s pool, swim-in bar, in-pool cinema, etc. In the day, the shell-shaped floating lounge in the pool turns towards the sun – for that perfect sunbath with one´s feet in the water – at night, it turns and rises out of the water for a magical candle-lit movie session.

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