Modern Villas: new project near Den Haag

the Eagles House

We’ve had a fair share of Belgian and Dutch clients – with projects from Spain to the Caribbean – but this is our first project in the Netherlands.

For a Dutch entrepreneur we’re  currently drafting this amazing villa with over 700m2 of living space – to be built on a 10000m2+ plot near The Hague.

The design is called the “Eagles House” – as it resembles the wings of an Eagle that is about to take off flight. (Well, we like to think so 🙂

Design on this villa started just a few weeks ago, and shows how all our designs are done in 3D from the start. Our designers immediately design everything in the latest BIM software and even while designing, they constantly can “walk through” the house they are creating as if they were inside a video game.

Clients too enjoy this. Because rather than having to study floor plans, they immediately get pretty realistic videos of what the house will look like.

An out of the ordinary living room 

draft “renders” of the main terrace, showing the cantilevered high roof

The impressive living room offers a split-level ceiling – with two overlapping roofs that float 5 to 7 meters above the generous entertaining area.

While large and relaxing, the area is semi-divided into cosy spaces by a glass wine display that separates the lounging area from a TV corner.

The TV corner: a cosy corner behind the glass wine display

On the other side, a monumental fireplace separates the living area from a live-in-kitchen – nearly 100m2 by itself. The kitchen boasts a sculted island with room for a breakfast bar and an attached, floating informal table.

Visit the family kitchen

Families and friends can gather around a large table that easily seats 8 or 10 guests; and there is sufficient space for a small sitting corner near the linear gas fireplace.

The master bedroom

The TV corner: a cosy corner behind the glass wine display

The left wing of the house hosts a large master bedroom. The owners of the house will enjoy a sleeping area that’s almost 11m wide – with panoramic windows to enjoy the beautiful countryside offered by their plot. (They even can have a peak at the living area from an inside  “terrace” that gives onto the living room!)

With a total area of nearly 100m2, this is a true master apartments with an open plan layout.

  • free standing designer jacuzzi bath tub with a view
  • double glass encased walk in shower with rain shower
  • double sink in solid white corian with a 4m worktop (!)
  • double – his & hers – walk in wardrobe
  • coffee and bar corner

panoramic views
the master bathroom and a glimpse into the walk in wardrobe
with over 4m of worktop to share, there will never be a fight for space
views or privacy… both can be chosen at any time
The mirrors are place so that the owners will enjoy the views even when washing up
A virtual visit of the walk in wardrobe
rough tryout for an all-white walk in wardrobe, with an “island” in the middle

Built in Virtual Reality

A huge benefit of our approach is that clients do not have to guess what their house will look like: from the very beginning, photo realistic pictures and videos are used to present the house. 

But more importantly – as our designers séé what they are designing all the time, they get much closer to perfection much faster.

The Eagles House is one of our most successful designs – in the sense that it is often clicked,  downloaded and copied – but has rarely been built! One similar project is under way in Madagascar – but this is actually the first one to be built in Europe!

Modern Villas, 2018

see what the house will look like from the terrace

The Living Room

The living room – nót counting the kitchen/dining area, is a stunning space of nearly 200m2 under a double, cantilevered roof that gives one the feeling of being outside éven while inside. Light filters in through the openings and one never feels “enclosed”

Cantilevered roofs over the lounge and the mezzanine “bridge” that connects both wings
On the West end, a massive fireplace separates lounge from kitchen
A separate TV corner flanks the east wing of the house
The multiple levels offer interesting lines of sights
view of the mezzanine that “bridges” east and west wings
The house boasts 6 bedrooms in total… even the smallest one being generous

The Family Kitchen

The Family Kitchen – semi connected to the living area via openings left and right of the two-sided, linear gas fireplace, offers ample space for a designer kitchen – complete with a sculptural island, that combines a bar with an informal breakfast table; ánd a generous dining table or even a cosy sitting corner in front of the fireplace.

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