Modern Villas: Eagle’s house near The Hague

We’ve had a fair share of Belgian and Dutch clients – with projects from Spain to the Caribbean – but this is our first project in the Netherlands.

For a Dutch entrepreneur we’re  currently drafting this amazing villa with over 700m2 of living space – to be built on a 10000m2+ plot near The Hague.

The design is called the “Eagles House” – as it resembles the wings of an Eagle that is about to take off flight. (Well, we like to think so 

Design on this villa started just a few weeks ago, and shows how all our designs are done in 3D from the start. Our designers immediately design everything in the latest BIM software and even while designing, they constantly can “walk through” the house they are creating as if they were inside a video game.

Clients too enjoy this. Because rather than having to study floor plans, they immediately get pretty realistic videos of what the house will look like.

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