Luxury Interior Design & Landscaping

Luxury Interior Design & Landscaping

We believe that the interior of the house is as important as the exterior, and strive for a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.

By default, we design the spaces wíth a personalized interior design and even landscaping, creating a perfect total image.

Goal!! Landscaping for the Soccer Player’s house

That’s more efficient; it avoids that interior designers redo (or worse: undo) things that were just finished by the builder.

Our interior design is created in Europe and Brazil, yet our sourcing and execution network covers Dubai (the Middle East and Africa), Australia (Australasia), Africa, and Brazil (Latin America).

Initial Interiors draft for the Abidjan House

Whether you want urbanite chic in Miami, tropical minimalism in Spain, or Italian design in Africa – we’ll bring it together for you.

Terrace of the Sydney House
Jaubai House interior
Jubail House Abu Dhabi
Gourmet Kitchen for the Abidjan House
Firepit for the Jubail Palace (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Luxury Kitchen of the Cascais House
Landscaping of the Jubail Palace, Abu Dhabi
Wine Display integrated with the staircase in La Resina House, Marbella
Outdoors kitchen and BBQ area with custom furniture for the La Resina House, Marbella
Prism shaped pool bar of the Soccer House, Ivory Coast