Modern Villa in the Heart of Ibiza

4.000.000€ €

A Balance Between 3 Styles

This authentic villa with minimalist design is located between Santa Gertrudis and San Mateo, at Ibiza’s center and one of the most rural areas. A unique design that stands out for its minimalism, elegance and expressive geometry. Although at first glance this modern home doesn’t seem to bear any resemblance, this work by Parisian architect Pascal Cheikh-Djavadi was built on a ruin of an ancient Ibizan finca and represents largely a reconstruction thereof, based on traditional elements such as construction plans, materials, and distribution of the house.

Previously this place had been a neglected plot, surrounded by unspoiled nature sprouting from old cultivation terraces, made of characteristic dry stone walls that held meadows covered with wildflowers and fruit trees. The appearance of abandonment of the ruin suggested a complete reconstruction, but both the architect and the owner were admirers of the principles of the vernacular architecture of Ibiza and chose to include fundamental aspects of the traditional rural house. This was probably done through a deconstruction of concepts at first, then to regroup the most basic and easy to combine with an essentially contemporary style.

Characteristic elements of Ibizan architecture have been embraced in this building, such as keeping the rectangular plane of the main hall, a south facing main entrance, juniper beams on some of the ceilings and fewer windows than what is usual in modern homes. The minimalist design and the large size of the rooms do not seem to bear any relation to the traditional house of Ibiza, but by adopting some fundamental aspects of it, apparently hidden, one is able to perceive a similar sensation. In fact, apart from its cubic forms, these two architectural disciplines share several fundamental similarities, which makes them relatively easy to combine and newer parts of the structure fit smoothly with the old parts.

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