Beautiful Luxury House in Singapore

6.000.000€ €

Modern Luxury Home in Singapore

This luxurious estate has a good mix of interesting British road names (towards the south and west of the estate) and Malay road names (towards the Serangoon side on the north and east). Many of the British road names were named after scenic places in Britain, perhaps reflecting a sense of nostalgia for the beauty of their home country which colonial masters wanted to project to Braddell Heights. The hilliness and slopes of Braddell Heights were also portrayed in the place names chosen (e.g. Clifton, Matlock, Chiltern Muswell are hilly areas or villages) and in the hill and valley descriptions e.g. Vale, Rise, and Hill. Many of the Malay names reflected a theme of happiness and enjoyment which the locals wanted for this pleasant area.

The beautiful 8000 square foot two and a half storey house is designed by a renowned architect BEDMAR AND SHI Singapore and Interior designed by KLOUD. Its located along Chiltern Drive, which named after a range of hills to the north west of London. The Chilterns are an unspoiled area of rolling chalk hills, magnificent beechwoods, quiet valleys and charming brick and flint villages with a wonderful mosaic of woods, fields, hedges, sunken lanes and clear streams.

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