Dallas House

Clean and Elegant

The Dallas House

Our design-sensitive Ukrainian clients were moving from California to Texas and wanted sleek, minimalist, yet spectacular all-white modern architecture for their 1-acre plot near Dallas, definitely breaking the traditional mold of the neighbourhood.

The kids also received special attention in this house – with an indoor play area that is almost as large as the lounge, a tiny (but functional!) kitchen, and special kid-sized appliances in many of the bathrooms. An additional independent apartment was created for the couple´s parents.

All in all – a pretty ambitious program that required much more space on the ground floor than on the upper floor; requiring the luxury architects of Modern Villas to create The house will be built with state-of-the-art building techniques (ICF and MgO Sips panels) which keep costs down while providing far more insulation and comfort than the traditional wood-framed houses so common in the U.S.

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