Building with MV

We make building safe and easy.

Each building company has strengths and weaknesses, but as a client it’s hard to see if you’re getting fooled by beautiful marketing materials and charismatic sales people – or not. As experts we intimately know the pro’s and con’s of each builder, and know how to separate the chaff from the wheat.

We help you choose your builder, depending on your priorities: speed, quality, price, prestige, customer service, language skills etc.

We manage them, and negotiate with them, on your behalf, to ensure a smooth process.

 Modern Villas makes building across the world easy and safe. © Modern Villas Ltd.

One stop solutions.

We generally create solutions where ONE single company is responsible from A to Z.

In our experience, too many cooks spoil the broth;
and misunderstandings between architects, engineers, and building companies always end up with the customer holding the bag.

You get one contract with one company, one price, and one person responsible for the end result.
And we’re always there to support.

Modern Villa Design
 Crescendo House, an Ultra Modern villa design. © Modern Villas Ltd.


As we use different architect teams and builders, we can realize projects in very different styles;
and according to your priorities. Are your priorities speed? quality? value for money? a specific style?
We make sure you get a team that delivers just what yoú need.

Modern Villa Designs
 Modern Villa designed for an investor in Los Naranjos, Marbella. © Modern Villas Ltd.


Our constructors currently cover:

Most of Spain (from Costa del Sol to Valencia), Madrid, Mallorca, Ibiza;
Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands (high end only);
Brazil, the Caribbean, Australia, and Bulgaria.

In other areas we control the design, working together with local architects and builders where necessary. Just contact us and we’ll create a solution for you!