Building abroad made safe

Modern Villas designs and builds modern villas around the world… because that’s what most of our clients do.

A Dutch client developing an island in the Caribbean? A Singaporean building in Brazil? A French client living in Colombia, but building his dream home in Spain? A Mexican client building in Miami, a UK client building in South Africa, a Shanghai client building in Australia…

These are our everyday situations; and apart from our design, we also bring experience to the table that makes it safer and easier to build abroad.

We know how to translate different cultures and technologies across different continents, climates, languages and technical environments.

It’s one thing to build in your home country, yet another thing altogether to achieve the perfect home abroad (and do so painlessly)

We’re proud of our designs and want to make sure they are also perfectly built on location, wherever that may be; and that’s why we’ve built our methodology that makes it all possible.

Caribbean? Ivory Coast? Madagascar? Modern Villas designs and builds worldwide

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