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Luxury Villas from Marbella to the world

Belgians – so it is said – are born with a brick in their stomach; and the truth is that this obsession with building has blessed them with some of the highest qualities of architects, builders, and interior designers in the world.

Modern Villas was originally created, by Belgians, in Marbella, Spain (2013), to create modern high-end villas for their (mostly Belgian and Dutch) clients that simply would not be satisfied by the local standards.

Initially, Modern Villas only designed homes for luxury builders in Marbella; a high-end hotspot where both European, Russian and the Arab jet sets love to hang out in luxury.

As dozens of entrepreneurs, captains of industry and artists entrusted Modern Villas with the architecture and construction of high end villas, they created a portfolio of world class projects. Inevitable, Modern Villas grew into an architectural powerhouse whose designs are now found from Spain to Brazil and from Madagascar to the Caribbean.

The “creative” architectural design is always done in house, using an international network of talented architects that use the most advanced software and work flow.

All Modern Villas projects are created – from day 1 – in a 3D virtual reality, so our architects can visually create the most perfect designs. Clients too get to “see” and “feel” their design in 3D walk through videos and Virtual Reality. (Because frankly, floor plans and sections simply don’t cut it; and aren’t clear enough to understand how exactly the house will look like!)

Depending on the country, the “engineering” part may be done by local architects, the “architects of record”, chosen for their technical expertise and perfectionism (rather than “starchitect” qualities), under supervision by Modern Villas. Unseen by the client, they create extremely detailed execution plans that make sure everything is built to best in class standards.

Construction is done by a number of selected builders – often under Belgian, Dutch or German management – chosen for their technical qualities and reliability. Modern Villas supervise the project until the very end, so clients are only exposed to the “fun” parts of creating their dream villa.

Sounds interesting? Get in touch, so we can talk or meet and see if we’re sharing the same values and ideas. If we’re a good fit, this can be the first step to creating your dream villa!