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The Trilogy House by Modern Villas

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What you see is what you get

Modern Villas designs everything in 3D – from day 1.

So instead of floor plans, elevations and cross-sections, you get videos and even virtual reality. You can walk through your house even before it’s built; to see ánd feel what it’s like.

You see exactly what your house will look like, inside and out, so every detail is perfect before we start building. This saves enormously on hassles and disappointments – not to mention costs!

But most importantly: it makes sure all proportions are perfect, from all angles.

The Crescendo House – Union Island

No misleading sketches or “artist impressions” here!

If you’re an investor, this means you can start marketing the property months earlier – with the most advanced tools available. High resolution 3D, virtual reality visits, and 360º panoramas are all available early on.


Our advanced BIM software (“building information modelling”) also tells us, in real time, how design impacts the budget. Whatever changes we make, we know how they affect the costs. So we get a pretty good estimate of what the design will cost – and we can work towards any given budget.

The Cascade House – Los Flamingos, Spain

Architecture of the future

Traditionally, architects spend months drafting floor plans, sections and elevations. These designs are so complex it’s hard for anyone to understand them. Usually mistakes are only discovered during construction – when it’s too late – or very expensive – to correct them.

The Left Wing – our most copied design

Instead, Modern Villas use the latest high-tech architectural 3D BIM software. We also work in a cloud-based system – so multiple architects can collaborate on a single design, simultaneously.

Our newest creation for the Marbella Club

This way we also get much more creativity – when one designer gets “stuck” the fresh eyes of the next one can take the design to the next level.

It’s a matter of proportions.

With creative input from multiple designers, dozens of alternatives can be drafted and immediately visualised. Each designer adds a little value – and the end result gets better and better at a record pace.

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