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Architectural Fees

What does it cost?

Fees – phase 1: design

An architectural design created just for you: €15000.

Taking a cue from images and designs you like, and based on a detailed briefing, we will design a home whose layout will fully reflect your personal preferences and is totally optimized to make best use of the views, land, solar orientation, etc.

You will not only get the traditional floor plans, elevations and sections, but also a few dozen of 3D photo-realistic images and a 1-2 minutes video showing the house interiors and exteriors.

We also make a plan of the house showing all square meters he of all the different areas to be built. This allowed one to get realistic estimates from builders.

Fees – phase 2: engineering

Engineering fees vary by country, and of course depend on the complexity of the project. It’s not easy for clients to judge the engineering skills of local providers; so Modern Villas will carefully select the right partner for you and interface with them on a technical level.

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