About Us

Wow!!! or nothing

Modern Villas

If you want high-end architecture, but don’t need a prima donna starchitect, you´re in the right spot.

At Modern Villas, we´re extremely passionate about design. We´re also extremely efficient, and specialized. Modern, luxury residential design is all we do!

Unlike most architects, we don´t start with floor plans and elevations. Instead, we design, decorate, landscape and even engineer each home as a detailed and interactive 3D model. 

Our designers, ánd clients, can “walk” around the house, experience it from all angles, and make sure everything looks and feels just perfect.

The result: beautiful homes and spaces, that are a joy to look at – and to live in.

Our clients are successful and busy people. They know what they want – the best – but don´t want to spend too much time getting it.

We understand what you want, and know how to design it.

Many projects are cross-border – clients may not always be able and visit the site. We´re used to that, and know how to control and report remotely.

A French trader from Colombia building a villa in Spain. An American captain of industry, building a home in the Caribbean. Or a Russian building in Sydney?


Our worldwide experience makes it possible to achieve the highest standards anywhere in the world.

We typically provide one-stop service, and take care of everything from design to engineering, interior design and landscaping. But we can work à la carte as well.