Resort Living in the Turks & Caicos

The Ambergris House

Creating Experiences

Clients already hàve luxury at home – when on holiday, they’re looking for a different experience, one that allows them to wind down without losing the comfort of home.

With time to relax, bathrooms become more than just functional or luxurious. Having a shower “outdoors” (or at least, with the outdoors experience), getting ready with a view of the ocean… The bedroom can be more playful than at home, and a panoramic extra-wide view is a must. For this reason, we have created all suites to be extra-wide – avoiding the typical narrow and deep hotel suite format. The above elements also make the house “instagrammable”.

For resort success today, it is necessary to create “Instagram ops” as guests posting their unique views, bathroom and interiors are a key component of marketing success. Size Impression & Width With views like these, we prefer to maximize the width of the house to create a maximum number of rooms with views – and panoramic views at that! This beats a “deep” house with “second line” rooms without views. It also creates a bigger perception of size – which boosts the value of the property for sales & rental. We’ve also created a little “double height” space near the monumental entrance door.

This adds a little wow-factor to the first impression ánd provides natural updraft and cross ventilation – for those clients who do not like aircon 24/24. 

The same logic was also applied to the pool: the swimming basin is only 37x11ft, keeping maintenance reduced, but the poolscape creates several different, shallow levels, different experiences, and different Instagram ops. As a result, the pool looks twice as wide as it is.  The pool is also slightly raised so it visually connects with the sea – without this, the green zone would show up between the pool and the ocean.

Additionally, the infinity overflow on the terrace side creates a small waterfall with a zen-like and cooling effect. The cabana features an outdoor kitchen and a cool place to lunch in the shadow, enjoying the views of the pool and the ocean.


Resort Living in the Turks & Caicos

The Ambergris House


We emphasize “long” sightlines – where possible, from one corner of the house you can see all the way to the windows at the other end of the house – and further into the garden. From the bed, sightlines through the windows have exceptionally wide angles thanks to the slightly recessed bathroom walls. Those bathrooms, while offering privacy, are semi-open so the whole suite becomes a zen-like spa. Thanks to this strategy, all rooms are 22ft wide or more.

We’ve shown the master suite on the ground level, which offers the best experience when the owners are in the house alone; sliding doors guarantee privacy – yet if preferred, the master can be on the first floor. Note that there ís a space in the back on the second floor which can be used as an office, playroom, or converted into a fifth room.


Material choice

Only two materials combine to create a tropical minimalist look – a natural stone (limestone, travertine), a warm wood white oak – with small details in white, black, or gold. Both materials are available as natural stone and wood – but also as tile and nano-printed aluminum, for ease of maintenance. Those sophisticated but high-touch materials create the ultimate barefoot luxury experience.

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