african house luxury villa façade

Modern Villas designs the African House

For a sportsman playing in one of Europe’s premier football clubs, Modern Villas designed this waterfront house with 1800m2 of internal space.

As the plot was relatively narrow but very deep, the design features pools on both side of the main building, which visually connect.

The African House by Modern Villas
The African House by Modern Villas

On the beach side, the pool landscape was conceived as a private resort or beach club, offering dozens of different seating areas, bars, pergola’s, pools, jacuzzi’s, outdoors cinema – you name it, you have it!

Some elements like the overall faceted portal that frames the house, or the white semi-transparent cabana over the jacuzzi, are reminiscent of a soccer goal.

african house luxury villa façade
The African House, with its spectacular façade

The main building contains the living area with double height ceiling. This building hosts all social functions: multiple lounges, bar with wine cellar, games room, trophy room etc.; with the master suite and the private gym-with-a-view on the top floor.

A dramatic walkway crosses the 7m tall living room from one corner to the opposite one, emphasizing the originality of the space.

Behind the main building, buildings are assembled around a patio with a second pool, that visually connects to the front pool.

This is the domain of our football star’s kids – who have their rooms around the water feature – as well as the spa and sauna.

Finally, a sculptural and monumental entry hosts the staff quarters as well as a “jewel box” garage for the sportsman’s collection of unique cars.

african house luxury villa jacuzzi
A football player’s house must have… a goal


african house luxury villa façade
At this house, everyone is a VIP

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