The Abidjan House

On the Lagoon in Ivory coast

Modern Villas recently designed the Abidjan House – for an amazing 5 acre riverfront plot in the Ivory Coast. . The client, a successful businessman from Abidjan, has lived many years in Paris and knows exactly what luxury is. He wanted to achieve an absolutely state-of-the art house, both in terms of exterior and interior design, and contacted the luxury architects of Modern Villas to make this dream a reality. . As the plot allowed for a 4-story building, the “ground” floor was actually raised one floor, so that all rooms would have views to the lagoon over the extensive gardens. . The central wing is the core of the house; it contains an impressive entrance as well as the main entertainment room – both with double height ceiling. The entrance itself is conceived as a refreshing oasis that welcomes visitors with a cool lagoon – flanked by interior gardens left and right – and a sculptural waterfall. . The main living room offers panoramic views and space to entertain large groups with a double seating area; while it can be air-conditioned it is designed so that the oasis behind will generate a natural cross-ventilation and comfortable indoors-outdoors living. . On the ground floor, the right wing further holds a series of more intimate rooms – a family TV room, library, office, music room; with a stadium cinema room for 15 guests at the end. . The left wing holds the formal dining room, connected to a designer gourmet kitchen. The gourmet kitchen is where the family can have a private breakfast or have a glass of wine with friends; but it also hides a second, near-industrial kitchen with a large walk in freezer, which allows the owner to easily host events with 100 guests or more. . And finally, the left wing ends with a bar-slash-play room, again with panoramic views over the river and lagoon. . On the first floor, the left wing holds generous suites for the client’s teenage kids; as well as a private entertainment area – so they can receive their own guests and feel independent, without needing to disturb the parents. The right wing holds guest suites as well as a gym-with-a-view, complete with sauna. . The top floor, which floats majestically over the double height living, is dedicated entirely to the owner’s suite. And amazing bedroom, his-and-hers dressing rooms, and a beautiful bathroom are just the start. Connected to this suite is a small service kitchen – so the owners can be served without the need for staff to enter the room; a home office, and a secure panic room. On the terrace, a private resort area offers privacy for the family to catch some sun, enjoy the outdoor showers, jacuzzi or even a barbecue. . A house like this of course requires an extensive support system. Therefore, the service rooms and staff quarters are located in the back and have their own service elevator; and the circulation areas are designed – like in the best hotels – so that much of the service traffic can happen without interfering with the owners’ privacy. . The “garage” as well is out of this world. Guests can be dropped off just in front of the access, but drivers can then continue to the 15-car garage on the lower level. Alternatively, and maybe during major events, they can drive straight into the garage where an internal patio, not much less impressive than the ground floor oasis, offers them a cool welcome. As the garage is actually on ground level, even this patio will enjoy natural light and ventilation. . This level also offers space for the guests’ drivers, and a separate service garage with a loading dock. This way, suppliers and service vans need not interfere with the VIP driveway and parking. All is organized so that the workings of the house are out of sight and – also for safety – separated from the private parts of the house. . Although rough construction will be done by an African construction company, most finishing and materials will be imported from Europe and executed by European specialists, such as to ensure the highest standard. The massive living room windows e.g. – nearly 8m high each – will have minimal frames and will slide away behind the sculptural pillars that “anchor” the impressive façade.

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