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Modern Villa design for Los Flamingos, Marbella, Spain – the “Ribbon House”

What you see is what you get: 3D design

It’s just too hard to “imagine” the looks of a villa just from floor plans, elevations and cross-sections. So at Modern Villas, we design everything in 3D – from the very start.

This means you see exactly what your house will look like, inside and out, before it’s even built!
We work with photo-realistic images – no “artist impressions” here – that look exactly like the final result.

For investors, this also means they can jump start marketing the property – with the most advanced tools available.
High resolution 3D, virtual reality visits, and 360º views can be generated within days.

Modern Villa in Madagascar
Modern Villa design for Madagascar – the “Eagles House”


Our software also tell us, in real time, how design choices impact the final costs. Whatever changes we make to the design – we know immediately how this affects each part of the construction. And as we know the construction costs of our builders, this gives us an pretty good estimate of what the design will cost to build.

This way, we can design towards any given budget.

Modern Villa design for Union Island, St Vincent & the Grenadines – the “Crescendo House”

Architectural teams in the cloud

Traditional architects spend months drafting floor plans, sections and elevations. These designs are so technical it’s hard for anyone to imagine what the house will look and feel like. Instead, our architects use the latest high-tech architectural 3D software. Our designs are created in a cloud-based system – so multiple designers can collaborate on a single design, simultaneously.

This way we also get much more creativity – when one designer gets “stuck” the fresh eyes of the next one can take the design to the next level.

The Left Wing House – Marbella, Spain

We “sculpt” the most beautiful designs in a matter of days.

With creative input from multiple designers, dozens of alternatives can be drafted and immediately visualised in 3D. Each designer brings his own strengths to the table – with the end result getting better and better at a record pace.

Super Villa for Villa Padierna, Marbella, Spain

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